Privacy Policy

Who is this document for?

This document is primarily for our customers, though the end users of our system (our customers' customers) may also find it interesting.

Who has your data?

We are Oscar Yankee ApS. Currently a small startup based in Odder, Denmark.

What data is being collected?

We only collect the data we need in order for you and your customers to effectively use our system. Currently this consists of basic contact information such as name, email and telephone number.

We securely store documents that you upload. These documents may contain personal data.

In an update coming later this year, we will also store your location during a practical flying lesson, if that option is enabled.

Will the data be shared with any third parties?

No, we don't share any of your data.

How will the information be used?

We process the data in order to deliver the service. We don't use it for anything other than to deliver the service to you and your organisation.

How long will the data be stored for?

We will retain the data until you delete it.

Once deleted, we will retain backups for a further two years to allow you the option to restore your data. Should you wish for your data to be permanently deleted, then we will do so. See the section below "What rights do I have?".

What rights do I have?

The personal data belongs to you, so you have a lot of rights. You can...

  • Request to permanently delete your data.
  • Request a copy of your data.
  • Request that your data be corrected/updated.

How can I complain?

Well you can contact us by sending a mail to our complaints team who will make sure your complaint is dealt with quickly and effectively.

If you believe your personal data has been breached and raising a complaint to us didn't satisfy you, you can escalate a complaint to the European Data Protection Supervisor.

As an EU company, we are governed by the European legislation meaning that you have the additional peace of mind and protection afforded by EU privacy laws.

What is our role in the GDPR?

We are a data processor, you as our customer are the data controller, and your customers are probably the data subjects. This privacy statement is targeted at you as a controller describing our role as a processor.

To find out more, you can read about the GDPR, and the European Data Protection Supervisor.

Security by design

We take the security of our systems and your data very seriously. Our servers and software are built with security in mind. All of our services operate over a secure connection, and your data is stored securely using the planets largest and most secure hosting provider Amazon Web Services.


We use Amazon Web Services for hosting and Google for our back office. By accepting this agreement, you also accept the use of these third party services. You can read AWS and Google's own privacy statements.

Last updated 2nd August 2018